Free Delivery within 60KM ONLY with Steel Power SHelving

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Free delivery within 40km


This is Steel Power Shelving. Some people are really far from us. So, shipping fee will be high. We thought it is a good time to do something for you. Now we're running a big delivery promotion. This promotion activity is mainly for customers who are 200KM around our warehouse. If you are more than 200km away from us, please keep your patience and leave us a message, we are trying every means to deliver the goods safely at the lowest transportation cost to your home.


The contents of this event are:

  • Shipping distance     0 < X ≤   40km, free shipping
  • Shipping distance   40 < X ≤ 100km, shipping fee 30$
  • Shipping distance 100 < X ≤ 200km, shipping fee 50$

The delivery distance is more than 200km, the shipping fee is


(X is the distance from your house to our warehouse)

Your order will be delivered to your home within 3-5 days after your payment.

In addition, the rules for distance calculation are:

  • The starting point is our warehouse, 12 Nyholt Dr Yatala 4207,
  • The destination is your home.
  • Avoid toll roads.


And I hope you can place orders through the website or by phone.


Phone: 0405 560 126

If you place an order on the website, you can choose ”Pick up”, then give us your address by phone and we will arrange delivery for you.


At the same time, thank you very much for your support and sorry for the guests who cannot be covered by this event.