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SteelPowerShelving's Heavy-Duty Metal Garage Shelving

Kansen |

In the quest for an organized and efficient garage workspace, investing in the right storage solutions is paramount. SteelPowerShelving, a trusted brand in the industry, introduces a game-changing solution—Heavy-Duty Metal Garage Shelving. This article explores the features and specifications of SteelPowerShelving's flagship product, the Workbench 0.9m (H) x 2.0m (L) x 0.6m (D) with a remarkable 500KG load capacity.

SteelPowerShelving's Heavy-Duty Metal Garage Shelving

Unveiling SteelPowerShelving's Workbench:

  1. Robust Construction: SteelPowerShelving takes durability seriously, and the Workbench exemplifies this commitment. With material thicknesses of 0.7mm for uprights and beams and 0.4mm for panels, this heavy-duty shelving unit is engineered to withstand the demands of a busy garage environment.

  2. Generous Dimensions: The Workbench's 0.9m (height) x 2.0m (length) x 0.6m (depth) dimensions provide an expansive and versatile storage solution. The ample space allows users to organize tools, equipment, and supplies efficiently, promoting a clutter-free workspace.

  3. Efficient Two-Shelf Design: Featuring two shelves per bay, the Workbench optimizes vertical space while ensuring easy access to stored items. The metal shelves included with the unit add an extra layer of durability and sturdiness.

  4. User-Friendly Assembly: The Workbench is designed for hassle-free assembly with its super easy assembly and click-in system. This feature enables users to set up their heavy-duty shelving quickly, saving valuable time and effort.

  5. Flexibility and Adjustability: SteelPowerShelving understands that storage needs evolve. The Workbench's flexible and adjustable height feature accommodates changing requirements, allowing users to customize the shelving to suit the dimensions of various items.

  6. Premium Finish: The Workbench boasts a premium-grade power-coated finish, not only enhancing its aesthetic appeal but also providing a protective layer against corrosion and wear. This ensures that the heavy-duty shelving maintains its sleek appearance even in demanding environments.

Advanced Features and Specifications :

  1. Load Capacity and Distribution: With a total loading capacity of 500kg, the Workbench's load capacity is an impressive 250kg per layer when distributed evenly. This makes it suitable for storing heavy tools, machinery, and other items without compromising stability or safety.

  2. Sleek Aesthetic in Black: The Workbench comes in a sleek black color, adding a touch of sophistication to any garage or workspace. The color not only contributes to the unit's visual appeal but also complements a variety of garage aesthetics.

  3. Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind: SteelPowerShelving stands by the quality of its products, offering a 1-year warranty for the Workbench. This warranty provides users with peace of mind, knowing that they are investing in a reliable and durable storage solution.

  4. Expandability with Add-On Kits: SteelPowerShelving recognizes the diverse storage needs of users. To cater to different requirements, add-on kits (extensions) are available in 1.2m, 1.5m, and 2.0m lengths. This modular design allows users to expand their storage capacity seamlessly.


In conclusion, SteelPowerShelving's Heavy-Duty Metal Garage Shelving, exemplified by the Workbench 0.9m (H) x 2.0m (L) x 0.6m (D) with a 500KG load capacity, redefines storage solutions for garages and workshops. Its robust construction, user-friendly features, and advanced specifications make it a standout choice for those seeking durability, versatility, and efficiency in their storage solutions. Invest in SteelPowerShelving to transform your garage into a well-organized and functional space.