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4-Tier Garage Shelving by SteelPowerShelving

4-Tier Garage Shelving by SteelPowerShelving

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The 4-Tier Garage Shelving by SteelPowerShelving is the perfect storage solution for your garage, workshop, or any other space where you need to organize your belongings. With its sturdy construction, ample storage capacity, and versatile design, this shelving unit ensures that your items are stored safely and conveniently.

Key Features:

1. Durable Construction: The garage shelving unit is constructed using high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting durability. The steel frame provides excellent stability, allowing the shelves to hold heavy items without bending or sagging.

2. Ample Storage Capacity: This 4-tier shelving unit provides generous storage space for all your garage essentials. Each shelf has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, allowing you to store heavy tools, boxes, and equipment effortlessly.

3. Adjustable Shelving: The adjustable design of the shelves allows you to customize the storage space according to your specific needs. Whether you have small items or larger bulky tools, you can easily adjust the shelves to accommodate them.

4. Easy Assembly: The SteelPowerShelving garage shelving unit is straightforward to assemble, requiring no specialized tools. The package includes all the necessary hardware and detailed instructions, enabling you to set it up in no time.

5. Versatile Usage: While primarily designed for garages, this shelving unit is incredibly versatile and can be used in various settings. Whether you need organization in your workshop, basement, or even a retail space, this shelving unit will meet your storage needs.

6. Powder-Coated Finish: The shelving unit features a powder-coated finish that protects it from rust and corrosion. This ensures that it retains its brand-new appearance even after years of use, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor storage.

7. Space-Saving Design: The compact design of this garage shelving unit allows you to make the most out of your available space. The four-tier structure provides ample storage space while minimizing the footprint of the unit.

8. Excellent Stability: The sturdy steel frame provides exceptional stability, ensuring that your belongings are secure. The heavy-duty construction prevents the shelving unit from wobbling or tipping over, guaranteeing the safety of your stored items.

9. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining this garage shelving unit is hassle-free. The smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean, and the durable construction ensures that it remains in excellent condition with minimal upkeep.

10. Multi-Purpose: This 4-tier shelving unit can be used to store a wide range of items. Whether you need to organize tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, or household essentials, this shelving unit has you covered.


- Overall Dimensions: 72" H x 48" W x 18" D (183 cm x 122 cm x 46 cm)
- Shelf Dimensions: 48" W x 18" D (122 cm x 46 cm)
- Weight Capacity: 400 lbs (181 kg) per shelf

If you're tired of a cluttered garage and need an efficient storage solution, the 4-Tier Garage Shelving by SteelPowerShelving is an excellent choice. With its durable construction, ample storage space, adjustable shelves, and easy assembly, this shelving unit will transform your space into an organized and clutter-free area. Invest in this high-quality garage shelving unit and enjoy the benefits of a tidy and functional workspace.